What Effect Does the Use of Digital Verification Have on Online Casinos?

The participants on a panel discussing digital payments at an SBC event came to the conclusion that maintaining consistency is essential for expanding the adoption of digital verification, not just for online casinos but also for other businesses. The possibilities for digital ID in a physical environment was the topic of discussion during a panel that was attended by industry experts. They investigated the intricacies of digital verification and considered the ways in which its implementation can affect the functioning of various systems.

The previous chief executive officer of William Hill, Ralph Topping, emphasized the idea that digital identification ought to be regarded more as an opportunity than a problem in his remarks. He stated that according to the statistics, approximately twenty percent of adults do not possess a photographic form of identification such as a passport or a driver’s license. He went on to say that using IDs eliminates a significant amount of the trouble that is associated with playing at online casinos and enables players to begin putting their bets virtually immediately. He proceeded by stating that digital verification enables quicker compliance checks and that there is now no price for these kinds of services, which makes it ideal for the market of online casino games, amongst other applications.

New Technologies

Additional information regarding these emerging digital technologies was provided by Simon Bazalgette, an independent non-executive director who formerly served as CEO of the English Football League and Jockey Club. He stressed the importance of self-service machines and digital verification as potential drivers of revolutionary change at racetracks in the United Kingdom. If these new technologies enable self-service betting stations, then they will function extremely well for the industry of online casinos.


Mr. Bazalgette further mentioned that self-service terminals have become a significant component of racecourse betting in the markets of France, the United States, and Hong Kong. However, due to the fact that racetracks are considered to be “family-friendly,” it is of the highest essential to have some kind of digital verification system available to fall back on in order to confirm that all participants are of legal age. People who play casino games online can simply take advantage of the same kind of technologies that land-based gamblers do.


A Workable Alternative

The iGaming sector could very well benefit from the implementation of digital verification systems. However, all of the experts on the panel agreed that in order for this kind of verification to be useful for people who play real money casino games online, there must first be some amount of trust built up between the players and the casino.


If this is going to work for those who play at online casinos, the panel thinks that there needs to be some kind of structure put in place first. This framework has to address how data is saved and exchanged so that players can play games without anxiety, secure in the knowledge that none of their personally identifiable information will be compromised.

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